Old Cedar Bridge 1920-2002

Old Cedar Narrows

This is the Old Cedar Bridge, which has been closed to vehicles since 1993 but, could be used by pedestrians up until 2002 when the rusting bridge was finally condemned.  The bridge is located in Bloomington, MN by the Mall of America.  It crosses Long Meadow Lake in the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.  The old bridge connects to an abandoned road which leads to a ramp that will take you up to the hwy 77 bridge (seen in the photo above)  and across the Minnesota River.  In the picture above you can see an abandoned wooden stool resting in some undisturbed snow.

Ecoded Graffitti

This photo was taken directly below the position of the stool from the image above but, rotated 180′.  Can you decipher the hidden message that the artist left in this graffiti code?  Maybe there is no message at all and they were simply insane in the membrane.


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