St. Paul Underworld

Climb to HeavenHere are photos I took while exploring a massive mine system located under St. Paul, MN.  I imagine most locals have no idea that there is a 2 mile long tunnel system with 50′ ceilings right under their neighborhood.  After 3 failed attempts to enter, we finally had a successful venture into the abyss.  100 candles were lit to illuminate the massive triangular tunnel chamber.

Spirit Rising

A headlamp was used to light up the crevice that allows one to climb up this incline.  I sat there manning my tripod-mounted Canon 6D with long exposures while my photo friend ran up and down the subterranean cliff.

Miner's Ghost

Ghostly image of a fellow adventurer.


4 thoughts on “St. Paul Underworld

    1. Hi mn nature! The mine is located near Fort Snelling.. It was used by the Ford motor company for mining sandstone to make windshields for their vehicles! I really can’t give out much information on how to get down there because it is highly dangerous and may not be legal. The riverbank has to be frozen to gain entry 😉

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