Murky Superior Hiking Trail

SHT Forest Boardwalk

I took this photo on my way to Lake Agnes during a Memorial weekend trek on the Superior Hiking Trail.  The entire day’s hike was shrouded in thick mist which gave the trail a mysterious atmosphere.  Strange low-pitched thumping noises could be heard throughout the foggy woods – it was the call of the Ruffled Grouse.

Enchanted Forest Trail

Enchanted Forest Light

I took this photo at the end of a long and soggy day on the Superior Hiking Trail.  It had been pouring all day, but the rain magically stopped as soon as I stumbled into my campsite.  The forest came alive with golden sun rays pouring through the endless moss-riden trees.  This trail is located along the Lake Superior shoreline of Minnesota and is well known to backpackers.

Shrouded Mt. Gould

Shrouded Gould

Memories of a cloud-shrouded Mt. Gould from a few summers ago.  I took this photo on my way across Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park.  A ferry boat took us across Swiftcurrent and another ferry at Lake Josephine which led to the Grinnell Glacier trail.  Oh how convenient!

White-cheeked Gibbon

Dweller of the Canopy

I took this photo of a peculiar male Northern White-cheeked Gibbon at the Minnesota Zoo.  This fellow stared straight at me from his perch which was quite far away.  Was it my black and white striped outfit?

Some Facts: This species of Gibbon is sexually dimorphic meaning that males and females have different colorings and sizes from the opposite gender. The males are entirely black with white sideburns and a prominent tuft on their head.  Females have a reddish-tan color and lack the cranial tuft of the males.  These guys are an endangered species found in Southeast Asia.  Some 455 Northern White-cheeked Gibbons were recently discovered living in Pù Mát National Park of Northern Vietnam.