Shrouded Mt. Gould

Shrouded Gould

Memories of a cloud-shrouded Mt. Gould from a few summers ago.  I took this photo on my way across Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park.  A ferry boat took us across Swiftcurrent and another ferry at Lake Josephine which led to the Grinnell Glacier trail.  Oh how convenient!


Escapist’s Lookout

Logan's Lookout

We decided to hike up for a better view at Logan’s Pass.  This place is straight out of my dreams.  I didn’t even mind the incoming rain and lighting.

The Marmot King



Marmot King 2


Marmot King 1

This large Hoary Marmot charged straight at me which was both startling and extremely cool.  The noble marmot made a swift move and plopped down on a nearby rock instead of assaulting me.  I was allowed to walk right up and photograph the subject without causing the slightest disturbance.