Murky Superior Hiking Trail

SHT Forest Boardwalk

I took this photo on my way to Lake Agnes during a Memorial weekend trek on the Superior Hiking Trail.  The entire day’s hike was shrouded in thick mist which gave the trail a mysterious atmosphere.  Strange low-pitched thumping noises could be heard throughout the foggy woods – it was the call of the Ruffled Grouse.

Enchanted Forest Trail

Enchanted Forest Light

I took this photo at the end of a long and soggy day on the Superior Hiking Trail.  It had been pouring all day, but the rain magically stopped as soon as I stumbled into my campsite.  The forest came alive with golden sun rays pouring through the endless moss-riden trees.  This trail is located along the Lake Superior shoreline of Minnesota and is well known to backpackers.

St. Paul Underworld

Climb to HeavenHere are photos I took while exploring a massive mine system located under St. Paul, MN.  I imagine most locals have no idea that there is a 2 mile long tunnel system with 50′ ceilings right under their neighborhood.  After 3 failed attempts to enter, we finally had a successful venture into the abyss.  100 candles were lit to illuminate the massive triangular tunnel chamber.

Spirit Rising

A headlamp was used to light up the crevice that allows one to climb up this incline.  I sat there manning my tripod-mounted Canon 6D with long exposures while my photo friend ran up and down the subterranean cliff.

Miner's Ghost

Ghostly image of a fellow adventurer.