Shrouded Mt. Gould

Shrouded Gould

Memories of a cloud-shrouded Mt. Gould from a few summers ago.  I took this photo on my way across Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park.  A ferry boat took us across Swiftcurrent and another ferry at Lake Josephine which led to the Grinnell Glacier trail.  Oh how convenient!


Campsite: Arcane Meadows

Morning Light on Mountain

From our campsite in Arcane Meadows I was awoken with the words “You should come check out this sunrise.”  I had spent most of the night fighting for sleep in the cold, but this breathtaking sunrise view from camp was beyond worth the night’s struggles.  Photo from my 2015 hike up to Telescope Peak, Death Valley National Park.

Old Mountain Witch

Old  Mountain Witch

Here’s an old Bristlecone pine tree off the Telescope Peak trail.  Some of the trees in the area are reported to be 4,000 years of age.  I was quite pleased with the opportunity to photograph the mountain side at sunrise.