Autumn Falls

An autumn view of the falls at Big Woods State Park.  The flow was quite heavy from all the recent rain which was a big change from the near trickle I experienced back in June.  I plan to come back and photograph the falls when there’s snow on the ground.  10/7/2017


Hidden Falls

The picturesque hidden falls of Nerstrand Big Woods State Park.  This park is about an hour south of Minneapolis and holds one of the last examples of big woods vegetation in MN.  6/24/2017

Campsite: Arcane Meadows

Morning Light on Mountain

From our campsite in Arcane Meadows I was awoken with the words “You should come check out this sunrise.”  I had spent most of the night fighting for sleep in the cold, but this breathtaking sunrise view from camp was beyond worth the night’s struggles.  Photo from my 2015 hike up to Telescope Peak, Death Valley National Park.

Fall in the North

Trix Cliff copy

I traveled to Lake Superior for peak fall colors this October. The view here is from an overlook one can reach while backpacking (or day hiking) on the Superior Hiking Trail. Walking amongst the trees with their vibrant color was almost a visual overload.

Moonlit Riverscape

St. Croix Night Speck

At 10:14PM I took a moonlit exposure of the St. Croix River from our canoe campsite.  The moon was super bright and full that night so flashlights were almost unnecessary.  There is a red glow visible on the trees/grass from the camp fire.    f/8, ISO-800, 110sec.