Agnes Shoreline Mirror

A peaceful morning on Lake Agnes.  The still water created a perfect mirror of the shoreline.  Can you tell which side is the actual reflection?  5/28/2017


Poplar River View

One can expect to see many lookouts while traveling on the superior hiking trail.  Here’s a springtime view of Poplar River taken on my recent 3-day trek.   5/27/2017

Enchanted Forest Trail

Enchanted Forest Light

I took this photo at the end of a long and soggy day on the Superior Hiking Trail.  It had been pouring all day, but the rain magically stopped as soon as I stumbled into my campsite.  The forest came alive with golden sun rays pouring through the endless moss-riden trees.  This trail is located along the Lake Superior shoreline of Minnesota and is well known to backpackers.

Ship Protector

Split Rock From Afar


The Minnesota shoreline of Lake Superior has a handful of lighthouses but, few are as impressive as Split Rock Lighthouse.  Here’s a photo I shot of Split Rock Lighthouse using my telephoto lens.  This lighthouse (complete with fog horn) would’ve been the only warning a ship would receive of the incoming shoreline before GPS came about.