Curious Otter

A curious North American river otter peeks out of the water in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park.  I’ve never seen one of these guys in the wild so I was thrilled to have my camera with telephoto lens at the ready!  8/29/2017


The Red Hunter

Return of Foxy


It was a beautiful warm sunny spring day on Barn Bluff in Red Wing, MN.  I was hiking up the south bluff trail when this lovely red fox popped out onto the trail.  The fox paused for a minute to look at me before trotting off.  I wasn’t sure if it was male or female but, I figured it was a parent because it was carrying a mouse in it’s jaws.  Seeing this charming creature thriving in it’s habitat gave me great joy.

The Marmot King



Marmot King 2


Marmot King 1

This large Hoary Marmot charged straight at me which was both startling and extremely cool.  The noble marmot made a swift move and plopped down on a nearby rock instead of assaulting me.  I was allowed to walk right up and photograph the subject without causing the slightest disturbance.